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Markin/Shafer Fine Arts
general advisory
+ Act as a guide and advisor at galleries, auctions, and fairs in the United States and internationally        
+ Provide educational material, including current and historical market research regarding works,           
   artists and genres of interest
+ Evaluate and plan art procurement or investment strategies
+ Alert client to relevant gallery shows, museum exhibits, and market conditions that are of interest

+ Assist in sourcing works by emerging, mid-career or established artists located throughout the  world
+ Provide detailed research regarding works and artists of interest to clients, including the following:
  - Artist biography, key influences, and aesthetic qualities
  - Price history for particular works of interest
  - Comparable price history for works of interest
+ Conduct price negotiations on behalf of clients with dealers or galleries
+ Represent clients in person at auction houses

collection management
+ Arrange and supervise post-sale activities such as payment, framing, shipping, installation and               
+ Provide summaries of purchased works, including a compilation of relevant research regarding the     
    artist and the market for his or her works
+ Provide research regarding owned works
+ Coordinate appraisals with appropriate sources, including relevant auction house departments
+ Provide independent and unbiased valuation estimates
+ Arrange for shipment, storage, re-framing, restoration and other care